7 tesis sobre la blogosfera

octubre 14, 2007

De Ugarte.


¿Necesidad de reconocimiento? ¿por qué somos blogueros?

mayo 28, 2007

1- Necesidad de reconocimiento; esta es la más señalada y coincido totalmente en que muchos de nosotros escribimos porque nos sentimos reconocidos si nuestras notas son buenas, y queremos demostrarle al mundo que inteligentes somos, que profundos son nuestros pensamientos y que diferentes somos frente al promedio de los comunes mortales. ¡Pero NO creo que sea la razón mas fuerte más alla de esta moda de los weblogs! (Pese a que de vez en cuando el Ego se descontrola y necesita estas cosas 😉 (…)

3- Necesidad de comunicarse y ser parte de una comunidad: Esta es para mi la razón primordial para la publicación de un Blog. Por eso muchos de estos weblogs, son un compendio de diarios y pensamientos, personales, porque te permiten compartir con el mundo entero tus pensamientos y tus sentimientos; encontrar gente con la cual compartirlos y ser parte de una comunidad de Webloggers.

[Mariano Amartino (2002) Denken Über, visitado el 28/05/2007]

La recompensa del bloguero

mayo 28, 2007

La recompensa del bloguer [sic] no debería ser otra que sentirse a gusto con lo que ha publicado, aunque invariablemente se acaba desarrollando una dependencia hacia el reconocimiento de los demás por la vía de los comentarios, las visitas y los enlaces de entrada recibidos. (55)

[José Luis Orihuela (2006) La revolución de los blogs, Madrid: La esfera de los libros.]

Credo of the Web Log Writer

mayo 1, 2007


    I will create an ugly website using warez software and adinfested free web hosts.

    I will write something every other day about my boring and uninteresting life.

    I will write in “Hackerese” and forego the use of initial caps, for caps are for the weak and non-1337.

    I will become an avid reader, loyal fan, and devout worshipper of the most popular “A-List” Web Log  Writers.

    I will learn how to do what they do, only not as well.

    I will purchase gifts for them via PayPal and their Amazon Wish Lists.

    I will frequent their CafePress Stores.

    I will submit my site for review by any Internet critic with a website.

    I will not become discouraged when they fail to reply to my emails or notice my website or me.

    I will never give up in my quest.

    I will become a Web Log Writer.

    I will buy my own domain and create a new website of depth and beauty.

    I will write something every day about my boring yet somehow compellingly interesting life.

    I will reacquaint myself with the ‘shift’ button and stop spelling words in ‘Hackerese’, for that is for the young and immature.

    I will create links to “A-listers” in the hopes of being noticed.

    I will do what they do, only better.

    I will create my own Paypal account and Amazon Wish List.

    I will open a CafePress Store.

    I will forego sleep and my weekends because I value my small, yet growing, readership.

    I will get average reviews from minor website critics.

    I will work hard and garner a loyal following whose ranks will grow larger every day.

    I will become an “A-list” Web Log Writer.

    I will be featured in a book or magazine.

    I will write something every few days about my exciting and interesting life, and my words will be as gospel to the unwashed masses.

    I will write poetry and buy a webcam.

    I will only link to other “A-List” Web Log Writers and ignore wannabes who link to me.

    Other Web Log Writers will do what I do, only worse.

    I will ignore my readership and become involved in an Internet romance or attend live meetings with other “A-List” Web Log Writers.

    I will stop caring about my visitors because they’re not worth my time.

    I will be a “Has-Been” Web Log Writer.

    I will become disillusioned by Web Log Writing and the Internet in general.

    I will write a poignant, sarcastic, mean-spirited farewell entry to alienate any visitors I might have left.

    I will let my site rot and my links die.

    Other Web Log Writers will do what I used to do, only better.

    I will find a new job because my Internet romance will die and the other “A-List” Web Log Writers will stop calling me.

    I will be forced to closemy CafePress store due to inactivity.

    I will not be on anyone’s favorites lists, not even my own.

    I will come to the realization that I miss the life of a Web Log Writer.

    I will create a new pseudonym and persona to shield myself from recognition.

    I will begin my quest now.

    For I want to be a Web Log Writer.

    [Geekman at the themightygeek.com (2001), We’ve got blog, 2002:119]

Unreconstructed whining

mayo 1, 2007

(…) everything I have written so far may seem like unreconstructed whining (…) You may think I’m jealous. Trust me, I’m not. Mildly envious, yes, but not jealous (…)A blog is a form of exteriorized psychology. It’s a part of you, or your psyche (…) Your weblog acts as a new limb, a new mouth and a new hemispshere of the brain. Once those new organs come into being, you’re no more likely to remove or amputate them than the original organic equipment they augment. I continue to write weblogs-not for money, not for renown, not for anyone but myself.

[J. Clark (2002), We’ve got blog, 2002: 68)

Incestuosness of blogging

mayo 1, 2007

1. The unbereable incestuosness of blogging: “The other people who have blogs…read your blog, and if they like it they blog your blog on their own blog.”

  • The nominal purpose of weblogs is to point out links of interest that you, the reader, would not have run across yourself. A variant is the diaristic or daily-journal weblog.
  • This practice, however, defeats the original purpose of link-based weblogging-to find fresh new items online (…) Counterblogging fails the test of novelty two ways: the links aren’t fresh (they’ve been traded back and forth like saliva in a kiss) and no new events from bloggers’ real lives are depicted.

[Joe Clark (2002), We’ve got blog, 2002: 57]