Academic blogging: blogging scholars: a menace ?

The very elements of blogging that make it most valuable -a networked audience, open conversation, low barriers to entry, and transparency-are also most threatening to established strictures of academic behaviour. While each may be valued by individual scholars, the university as an institution in many cases relies on treating the public as a mass, providing authority to limited channels of communication, constructing barriers to scholarly discourse, amd maintaining bureaucratic partitions between academe and other parts of the life of a scholar. A recent essay in the Chronicle of Higher Education warned academics seeking jobs to avoid blogs precisely because of these properties, and the possibility that a hiring committee may be threatened by a candidate’s blog.

[A. Halavais (2006) “Scholarly Blogging: Moving Toward the Visible College” Uses of blogs, (Eds.) A. Bruns & J. Jacobs, Peter Lang: NY, p. 123]

Vaya, así que era por eso!



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